Millenium Metal 2013 at Artemis Gallery!

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On November 1st, 2013 Artemis Gallery featured top metal artists in our First Friday show Millenium Metals 2013! The Millennium Metal Show 2013 celebrates the creative spirit of metal smiths everywhere and the end of 2013. This metal will feature mixed media works by artists and their unique final statements on society and the hereafter. Includedare works in 3-D miniature sculptures, multiple metals, wood, graphics, accessories, jewelry and more…

A decade has passed since Artemis Gallery was chosen to host the SNAG Conference International Metal Show “Millenium Metal 2001.” The current show strives to update the current metal work of several artists who were there and many new undiscovered metalsmiths…

The metalsmiths featured in the show included well-known artists Arthur Hash, Robert Ebendorf, Susie Ganch, John T Crutchfield, Donna D’Aquino, and C. James Meyer. The show also featured young up-and-coming metalsmiths Rebecca Holt, Michelle Selwyn, Ginny Rush, Danielle Andrea as well as VMFA Fellowship Award winner Brittany Arnold.

The focus of the show was cutting edge mixed media metals and included many first time seen objects of art!


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