These Boots are Made for Walking, Runway Fashion Show at Artemis Gallery May 4th First Friday

A Runway Fashion, Photoshoot, & Music Event First Friday May 4th.

Artemis Gallery presents a Fashion Runway show featuring
hand-painted Cavalli inspired boots used for rain or fashion wear.
We are calling artists from all over the Richmond area assemble
for an intense workshop on April 21st. Then the fun begins by
creating outlandish and creative galoshes and fashion boots
designed to make heads turn when walking down the street!

Haven’t you been at a rainy summer outdoor music festival?
Or been caught in a rainstorm only to wish you had some
knee high boots instead of your soaking wet sneakers covered
in mud? Let this be your problem solver!

Artemis Gallery, in a long tradition of workshops like our
decorated bras or our outlandish sunglasses, even our
Mardi Gras masks, let us present Fashion Runway Boots!
Artists such as Anna Zaccaria, John Crutchfield, Debbie
Talman, Lindsey Phillips and Tunde Hidvegi will feature
these boots in a runway show on First Friday, May the 4th.
We will walk every hour, on the hour from 7 until 9pm.



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