“Mythical Mosaics & Boxes of Light” First Friday Opening March 2, 2012!

Mythical Mosaics & Boxes of Light:
Upcycled treasures by Tunde Hidvegi and stained glass candle holders by Meredith Snyder

Friday, March 2, 2012


World traveler Tunde Hidvegi, a native of Hungary, creates wonderful upcycled mosaics with found objects from all around the world. Upcycling is a term used to describe the process whereby one takes old objects and recycles them into something of more value than their original worth. Telling both her own stories alongside old European myths, Hidvegi takes the realm of mosaic tile art to another dimension. Creating two-dimensional surface designs and adding elements of relief sculpture to finish off each composition, somehow she arranges each quirky element so naturally that things like watches , pearls, old china, wood, and doll-body parts look as though they were made this way originally.

Alongside the similar aesthetic of Hidvegi’s mosaics and stories one will enjoy local artist Meredith Snyder’s beautifully rendered stained glass boxes of light (or more simply, candle holders). Stained glass mainly featured brightly colored arrangements of glass in old cathedrals to tell religious stories across Europe for centuries. However, since its use in churches greatly diminished in the 20th century, artists like Snyder now use the technique to start their own picture-stories or create functional objects. Inside the colorful jagged boxes emanates the lovely glow from tea lights, making the perfect housewarming gift for someone or to set the mood in your own home (for beginning your own new story).


Enjoy light refreshments and live music by local Governor’s School students as they play live jazz and other lively sounds throughout the evening!  Artworks will be available for viewing throughout the month of March on Saturdays from 12-5PM and all other times by appointment when you call 804-353-2676.

Artemis Gallery
1601 W. Main Street
Richmond, VA

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