Kaolin Ceramics in September

The term “Trompe-l’oeil” is French for “trick of the eye”. It is also a commonly used art technique which utilizes realism to such a level, one might think the portrayed object itself is real. When we first laid eyes on the works of Kaolin Ceramics, trompe-l’oeil was naturally the first word that came to mind.

Husband and wife team Sandy and Missy bring inanimate objects to life; making clay items like oranges, pears, and chocolate look so real you could mistake it for an afternoon snack!

Each piece of clay made with total dedication to realism such that one would not believe it is clay until they actually picked it up in their hands.

The Kaolins use every technique imaginable including hand forming, wheel throwing, carving, and painting to create these wonderful works. They are nationally well recognized artists living in Great Barrington, Massachusetts and have exhibited in SOFA New York, Chicago Art Expo, and the Norman Rockwell Museum. Now is your chance to see them here in Richmond, VA at Artemis Gallery!

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