“Contours in Glass” October 7th!

Ever since Harvey Littleton during the ‘40s created the first at home studio furnace, independent glass artists have struggled with originality. Glass can be both hard and soft depending on its temperature. Two totally different glass artists use the molten material to create sculptures of the most original and creative styles.

Grant Garmezy, with his expert glass sculpting talent, creates creatures of nature both loved and hated. In his words, “For the past six years I have been making sculptural glass objects with the intention of pushing the boundaries of glass sculpting to create something new and original. My most recent pieces are re-creations of familiar animal images that bring out human emotion and expression through movement and personality. By using these familiar images, I’m able to take my viewers into a scene where the relationship between human and animal become blurred.”

Corey Pemberton on the other hand is inspired by the great Venetian Glass Blowers whose vessels bring back the beauty of classic antiquity. In the artist’s words, “My work is a sort of meditative process. It is a way for me to zone out and forget about anything troubling or burdensome that may be happening in my life or in the world. It is a way to escape, mentally, if only for a moment. It is an escape from all of the absurdity that surrounds us everyday.”




Artemis Gallery
1601 W Main St
First Friday Oct 7th
5pm – 10pm
804 – 353 – 2676

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