“Artistic Leather” Coming to Artemis First Friday May 6th!

Paul Beverly and Sandy Dyche are leather artisans. Every single part of every piece they make is made from leather, all the way down to the tiniest of details! They make everything from your standard leather accessories like belts, bags, and jewelry, to motorcycles, sheep, doll houses, even swords! You name it, they make it out of leather!

This month we are featuring their work at Artemis Gallery! Come join us for adventures in leather and see the endless uses of this medium there really is!

Their techniques to creating these creative works involve just three simple steps. “We create paper patterns as guides for cutting out the leather. The type of leather chosen is
important. Different types of leather are needed for different textures, looks and overall feel of the finished product.” Once the leather is cut, they use various tools and dyes to
create different colors and textures. After creating a shape through wet molding, the finishing touches are then added.

Paul started doing leather work in the 60s, but in meeting Sandy added a nice creative flare to his work and they have been making these wonderful leather pieces together for 15 years.

Don’t miss this special event at Artemis Gallery this First Friday May 6th and pick out a last minute Mother’s Day gift! Food and drink will be provided, and as always we’d love to see
you there at Artemis Gallery!

For images from the event, click the link below!


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