Don Rea Designs

Don Rea Designs

Found object wire sculpture people using junk found at flea markets and junk yards. Made with copper, brass, and silver.

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  1. Terry says:

    The two, man and woman, skydivers I saw at Thurmont, how much do they cost? Can they be ordered?

    • Karen Parks says:

      I’m interested in obtaining the ‘Wizard of Oz” magnet characters that I saw @ Summerfair this past weekend.

  2. Jim Leaman says:

    I am curious to see other workd by Don. Where can I see them?

  3. Donna Neveu says:

    I was wondering where I could purchase one of these wire sculpture people by Don Rea designs? A friend of mine has one that was given to her as a gift. Can they be purchased online? I am interested in the hairdresser one.
    Thank You!
    Donna Neveu

    • holly says:

      If you’d like to purchase one of his pieces, just come by the gallery to pick one out! We’re open Thurs and Fri 4 – 7pm and Saturday 12 – 6pm as well as First Fridays.

  4. A friend received two pieces of your small sculptures as Christmas gifts. I like the sense of liveliness in the “space ship alien” and the “dog”(?) sculptures. I will take more time to look closely at your work when I revisit the Artemis Gallery in Richmond. I was in quite a hurry the first visit.

  5. Randy says:

    I would like to say , Don’s art is absolutely phenomenal. It has been some years ago that I first saw it at a craft vendor show in Frederick Maryland. I left that show with two wonderful pieces in hand that I still prize today. One piece is that of the metal tank bulb hot air ballon with small rider figure gazing down via a telescope. The other is a large sculpture and a piece that I will never part with. It is of a three wheel trike style vehicle above which are two very large Prehistoric style wings a bit like that of a pterodactyl. Incorporated into this sculpture is a large clear filament bulb of unique design. This sculpture has a small ride and the steering wheel is a ladies solitaire band ring. It was absolutely awesome when I purchased it way back when and becomes even more awesome with each passing year.

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